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Paul Hallows is an artist who operates under the name of himHallows. From idea to finished piece. Primarily works in hand drawn illustration transferred to acetate and painted with acrylic paint for colour. Also does 3D work, branding, murals and whatever else he is tasked with.

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Psychmare On Spear Street


Poster for ‘Psychmare On Spear St’, Soup Kitchen and IO Manchester's Halloween event!

Gone for something with an old DIY punk poster feel, using lots of ripped paper, white paint and hacking in the image from the teaser poster. Been fun to do and I’m beginning to really like fluorescent pink.

(Hefty thank you to Textbook Studio for neatening a lot of this up…!)

— 1 month ago
Post Box Robot




Congratulations to Richmal Wigglesworth and Chris Anderson (now both Wigglesworth-Andersons) on tying the knot! As a special request, they asked me to build them a card box in the shape of a robot, so I built this.

It’s based on design I’ve used a few times since it’s first airing on the Silver Apples poster, been good to finally give it a physical airing. Built from cardboard, calico and a lot of gloss (plus some electrical conduit and wood), I think I’ll be doing a 2.0 version some time in the future.

— 1 month ago
#ImagineeringDoodles the book!




Copies of the #ImagineeringDoodles dot-to-dot book finished and ready to be delivered to Manchester Art Gallery's shop!

The book is a collection of dot-to-dots with which me and Textbook Studio have put together (concepts taken from Ryan Ganders ideas wall) and asked a collection of local artists to fill in with their own interpretation.

Riso-printed and perfect bound, these books have been a pleasure to put together, Textbook Studio have some pretty fine glue and guillotine skills. More picks on Flickr.

Copies are available for £6 at the gallery shop.

— 3 months ago


Me and Textbook Studio Put this teaser trailer together for Video Jam's Ryan Gander event at Manchester Gallery.


Here’s the description;

10 potential project ideas chosen by Textbook Studio and himHallows from Ryan Gander’s studio walls (As seen on the Culture Show). Visualized and partially dot-to-dot illustrated by himHallows, doodled on and completed by you and your imagination.

Very excited about this event, currently filming a bigger video to loop between acts at the main event and also putting together a book for the gallery’s shop!

Look out for #ImagineeringDoodles on the night.

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Intern Magazine


My Illustration of Adrian Shaughnessy for Intern Magazine's beautifully put together second edition.

Combined two of my recent styles (detailed line work and smeared paint) for this piece, expect more like this in the future!

Order Intern here.

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My costume for the Volkov Commanders parade at Sounds From The Other City in Salford this 4th May!

And here’s a video of it in action;

— 5 months ago
Video Jam at Manchester Art Gallery




Some snippets of the free booklet for the Video Jam event ( Closing party for Jeremy Deller’s ‘all that is solid melts into air’ )at Manchester Art GalleryDesigned by the excellent Textbook Studio and with illustrations by me.

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F L I G H T Poster



Poster for the F L I G H T exhibition at Soup Kitchen.

I wanted to design a poster that carried on with the idea and branding used for the previous exhibition (L A N T E R N) but with more punch to the overall design. Thought the paper plane motif was the most basic symbol of flight, so made that part of the title with the i and G as the cut out fonts. The half-toned cloud background  allowed the logo to ‘soar’, lending the whole poster an optimistic tone!

Special thanks to;

Callum (Baptists & Bootleggers),
Chris (Textbook Studio) for their help with layouts 


Cailline (Laserlea) for the laser cutting!

Printed by Mono

RSVP here

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F L I G H T .

A group show of artists and designers, from various disciplines, tasked with creating an object that represents flight.

As with the previous show L A N T E R N, the artists are bound by only using paper (or card). Any shape and style is accepted, From intricate decoration to minimalist purity, complex grandeur to geometric simplicity.

Launch to be held on Thursday 27st February in the ground floor bar at Soup Kitchen, Spear St, Manchester.

Curated by himHallows and Wotgodforgot

RSVP for the event here!

— 8 months ago
himHallows Colouring Book



The himHallows Colouring Book is out today.
Designed as a snapshot of home life for any stranded astronaut in a not too distant future, colouring in this collection of prints should keep any marooned space-farer occupied for days on end (oxygen supply willing).
Featuring ideas such as vat grown meat, foetus gestation units and “welcome careful drivers” signs, I’ve wanted to show a sci-fi future which is both exciting and banal all at once, humanising what can be usually seen as too technologically fantastical.
A DIY build, the book contains 12 different riso prints (printed by the always attentive Mono), 2 acetate copies of 2 of the designs and bound with binding screws with a grey board back (something to rest on whilst colouring in)

On sale tonight 
at Islington Mill's Christmas fair and future dates pending, come down to purchase your copy!
£10 or 289.9 Solar Yen each.


— 10 months ago